PCC workshops boost Direct Mail expertise
Direct Mail in four easy lessons ­ that’s what New York’s Greater Hudson Valley Postal Customer Council customers got in the Postal Service’s first Direct Mail certificate program. Developed by the Postal Customer Council and Customer and Industry Marketing, the program targets people with up to three years’ mailing industry experience, and introduces scheduling, design, costing and branding.“When direct marketers understand the Postal Service’s requirements and processes, they can see some very dramatic savings,” said Walter Neff, who taught the first session and heads the direct marketing master’s program at Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY.“I absolutely recommend this workshop, especially the information from USPS,” said Andrew Dieckman of Executive Printing & Direct Mail in Elmsford, NY. The program is available to Postal organizations nationwide.

The Greater Hudson Valley PCC is an invaluable resource to any business. The primary goal of my organization is to find ways to communicate with clients more effectively and efficiently. As with any business, we are continuously trying to find ways to cut costs and save money. The Postal Customer Council helps us achieve all of these goals. The programs and training sessions offered by the GHV-PCC have helped me find new and innovative ways to communicate with my users and save money in the process. The numerous PCC networking events have connected me with individuals and businesses that are willing to offer assistance and resources for improving mailing and communications. I have developed valuable relationships through the PCC that are beneficial both to me as an individual and to my business. I strongly recommend membership in the GHV-PCC to anyone who is looking to expand or improve their business and communication opportunities. Sincerely, Jonah Safris Pace University
A Special Thank You. It is a pleasure and an honor to sponsor the Summer Blast Event for 2007. We are proud to assist with such a well-run and active group. Special thanks go to you, Debra, for all your hard work! You and the board have accomplished a lot this year. We will see you at the Summer Blast... Very best wishes, Vee
Join today and reap the benefits. The Greater Hudson Valley Postal Customer Council (GHVPCC) Program was organized decades ago with the development of customer advisory and mailer councils. The Post Office Department organized the councils to improve communication between postal customers and local postal managers. The GHVPCC membership is opened to all postal customers who use the services of the Postal Service. Our mission is as follows: · To strive to provide an effective avenue for members to exchange ideas and suggestions on new postal service products and services. · Help PCC members and their organizations grow and develop professionally through focused educational programs. · Promote local cooperation, support, and foster close working relations between the U. S. Postal Service and the business mailing community. Over the years, our membership list has grown. However, our list of active participants has not kept pace. We are offering additional opportunities for your company to take an active role in PCC programs and activities. In support of these efforts, we are inviting you to a new level of membership to the council. Companies choosing to participate will be recognized as Sponsor Members. I am proud to be associated with the members of the Greater Hudson Valley Postal Customer Council. Join today and reap the benefits. Debra Jones GHV-PCC Administrator/Event Coordinator
POSTAGE EXPENSES REDUCED I think the Greater Hudson Valley Postal Customer Council (GHVPCC) is an excellent learning tool, and I am proud to be a member. The GHVPCC has given me the knowledge and resources to reach out to many people, and has shown me ways to reduce postage expenses and given me the opportunity to attend educational classes for myself and my staff.. Peter Joseph Domin GHVPCC Past Industry Co-Chair
GREATLY IMPROVE THE ROI WITHIN YOUR MAIL CENTER “Our Postal Customer Council has provided me with the knowledge and resources for Maryknoll to reach out to our donors, reducing postage expenses, and automating the direct mail program. The GHV-PCC is an educational opportunity that will benefit organizations, businesses and greatly improve the ROI within your mail center”. Donald E. Baisley Manager Printing and Mailing services Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers
WEALTH OF RESOURCES The knowledge we have gained from the PCC Educational Seminars has allowed our company to better serve our customers. Our participation in PCC events helps us keep current on postal regulations and puts us closer to the many resources available from the Postal Service. The networking opportunities of the PCC ensure that we will be lifetime members. I encourage you to join whether you are an equipment vendor, mail center manager, local lettershop, or an employee involved in any aspect of your company’s mailing process. The GHV-PCC has a wealth of resources to assist you no matter how large or small your mail processing needs are. Jim Maine Automated Equipment Service, Inc.
The PCC sessions show how mailings can reach customers faster through better addressing and design. And postal experts help users save money through correct mailpiece preparation for better discounts. Any company, large or small, can benefit from attending PCC meetings regularly. Paul Carrington & Stewart Cublinsky The Carrington Company
MESSAGE OF APPRECIATION TO A GOOD FRIEND AND GREAT LEADER As many of you know, our immediate past Industry Co-Chair Mr. James Goff (Finishing Manager of Vertis Inc.), had served in his GHV-PCC position for several years and due to other commitments and obligations, was unable to continue to serve as PCC Co-Chair on the current board. (He does however continue to serve on the Program and Education Committees). His leadership and expertise in the mailing industry have been an invaluable resource to mailers and his willingness to work with us has been a shining example of the value of Postal Customer Council partnerships, and we all thank him very much for all he has done for us, and continues to do!