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The Greater Hudson Valley Postal Customer Council (GHVPCC) is generating lots of excitement this calendar year. What a great time to gain job knowledge and Network to grow your business. Learn how to potentially save time and ($$$) for your organization.

When you join the GHVPCC, you assure that your firm's voice is heard on mailing matters of immediate and local concern. PCC members are kept abreast of issues that may affect long-range plans for their firm or the mailing industry as a whole. Updates on proposed postal rate changes and all postal products are provided to members as they occur.

The interaction and exchange of information among the postal managers and customers afforded by the GHVPCC is the key to a good working relationship.

Membership Benefits of Belonging to our PCC

  • Networking - Hear how to put others' best practices to use for you.
  • Information - Help your business be more productive.
  • Communications - Meet, consult with USPS and industry experts, share information, exchange ideas, and Network with others who have the same concerns.
  • Education - Learn how the Postal Service and Industry can help your business become more profitable and grow professionally through focused educational programs or grow your business or donor base through Direct Mail.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reduce USPS costs if you are a business or non-profit association.
  • Find out what equipment might streamline your operation and cut costs.
  • Participants communicate information, ideas, best-practice suggestions on new USPS products and services, and their own internal operations.
  • Participation in the PCC brings you a working relationship with members nationwide.

This interaction can present $$$-generating ideas to enhance your use of USPS products and services to meet your business needs.

Many members who meet at PCC events form close bonds of cooperation, frequently host multi-PCC events/EXPOs to share insight into various USPS processes, programs, and issues. They also provide advice on improving their mail centers, marketing strategies, transportation issues, and logistics functions.

Many members even provide help by sharing equipment and knowledge at critical mailing times.

All businesses that use the mail as communication and fulfillment media with their customers will benefit from the PCC's regular networking forums by maintaining a close working relationship with Postmasters and other USPS Managers. These events provide opportunities to meet other mailers, mailing experts, vendors from the mailing and fulfillment industry, and managers from the USPS to discuss issues that affect a single business or the whole mailing industry.

Individual Membership - $100.00 –for a single member
  (Entitles one member to discounts to all GHV-PCC events for one year)
Corporate Membership - $150.00 - for the first member and $50.00 for each additional member.
  (Required Minimum - three members – all to receive discounts to all GHV-PCC events for one year).

Watch your mail, email or visit the website for Membership discounts in October.

To print a membership application and mail it in with your payment click here:

2010 GHV-PCC New Membership/ Renewal Form