History of the PCC page

History of the PCC page

History of the PCC page

History of the PCC page

History of the PCC page

What is the Postal Customer Council?

If you have not checked out your local Postal Customer Council yet, it is definitely worth a peek. A PCC is a source of valuable information that can help you as an individual, or more likely, as a large or small business. You can benefit from this resource that will teach you to best and most efficiently use the United States Postal Service to meet your mailing and shipping needs. Our representatives regularly address the needs of large business mailers, business mail providers, government entities, and small businesses alike. The topics of advice they give include, but are not limited to:

  *  Marketing through the mail
  *  Sources for mailing lists
  *  Discounts on major mailing needs

Help US Help YOU

  *  Finding new ways of making mailing more efficient by networking with fellow mailers, business mail services, and USPS execs
  *  Other industry examples and case studies
  *  General best practices for mailing efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability
  *  Workshops to improve mail quality- and become a certified mailer

Postal Customer Councils also provide an avenue for communication. There is no better way to reach your postal service provider and give feedback regarding your needs and experiences than to visit your local PCC. If you are curious as to where you can find your local PCC, use this PCC locator https://www.usps.com/business/pcc-locator.htm tool to check out where the nearest or most convenient Postal Customer Council to you is. Then stop by and get your voice heard! Your feedback is important to us, and we take each submission through this vital channel to heart as we constantly revise postal strategies to best suit postal customers, and stay competitive in the increasingly tough postal market. We need your valuable input to survive!

History of the PCC

The Postal Customer Council (PCC) program began more than 30 years ago with the formation of local mail users councils. The Post Office Department organized the councils to improve communication between postal customers and local postal managers. The councils' rallying call was a "Mail Entry" campaign, designed to regulate the flow of local mail.

The concept of working with customers to get mail earlier in the day was realized through the Mail Early campaign and the creation of mail users councils, also known as "Citizens Advisory Councils." The name "Mail Users Councils" lasted for nearly a decade until it was changed in 1971 to "Postal Customer Council".

Once postal customers and local postal managers began working together under the council framework, both groups found that many problems could be resolved easily. The importance of postal customer councils has grown since the early 1970s. Through regular meetings, mailer clinics, and seminars, PCC members are kept abreast of the latest postal developments and work closely with local post offices to make mail services more efficient.

The Postal Service stands behind the PCC program, an important avenue for improving service and understanding mailers' needs.

Future of the PCC

The Postal Customer Council (PCC) will continue to grow and prosper by introducing the latest developments in the mailing industry to its members. This will be done through workshops, seminars, tours, tradeshows, etc and much more.

Our Mission is as follows:

In addition to this, we offer you opportunities to meet and network with other businesses in your industry as well as mailing experts and postal executives.

To fulfill this commitment to you, we hold a series of educational sessions, networking events, facility tours and exhibits throughout the year.