Package Simplification

Dear Valued Customer,


      You already know the United States Postal Service® is the smart choice for your shipping. On July 28, we are making changes to our expedited product lineup to providegreater value and app product lineup to provide greater value and a simple choice for customers like you.


Simply, it’s Priority Mail®.


Also, Express Mail® will be renamed Priority Mail Express™. All characteristics of the current Express Mail service will remain unchanged under the new name. In addition, Express Mai International® will be renamed Priority Mail Express International™ and the Express Mail Corporate  Account will be called USPS Corporate Account.


Simplifying the lineup under one name makes it easy and simple—just ship it Priority Mail. When you need a money-back guarantee, it’s Priority Mail Express with $100 insurance.  As part of these changes, expedited packaging supplies will get a fresh new look of our boxes and labels.


Before you start using these new packaging supplies we want you to deplete your existing boxes and envelopes. They’re still good with us! As long as your Priority Mail package has a "barcode" on or after July 28, our systems will include the appropriate insurance coverage and provide scheduled delivery information.


 If you would like to indicate insurance on your current stock of packaging when the change occurs, special labels are available. If you run out of your co-branded packaging before July 28, we ask that you use standard USPS packaging until the new supplies are available.


If you have additional questions about these expedited product changes, please send an email to We appreciate your business.


Thank you for shipping with the Postal Service.


P.S. We’re adding new features. Insurance will be included with most domestic Priority Mail pieces at no additional charge. For most commercial customers it will be $100. You’ll also get day-specific delivery information—1-Day, 2-Day or 3-Day—based on origin and destination ZIP Code™. The information will be available on shipping labels, USPS® retail receipts and through Track & confirm at